Dwele Performing Live at the City Winery in NYC Jan 2016

In the next edition of our artist Top 10 List feature series we take a look at the discography of Dwele. Grouped into the second generation of neo-soul artists that emerged in the early 2000’s, Dwele has always seemed to fly under the radar a bit. Who could forget the first time most of us heard him on Slum Village’s hit “Tainted”?

His talents and style led to him being featured on big hits by hop hop artists like Kanye West (“Flashing Lights” & “Power”) and Common (“The People”). But Dwele has plenty of great singles and album cuts in his own right which deserve plenty of attention on their own.

The singer has released five albums to date (excluding his self released debut album “Rize”) but for some reason has released far fewer singles than he could have. As you will see from our list below, we included a healthy amount of honorable mention songs to go alongside the 10 songs we felt were his best.

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Without further ado, here is our list in chronological order:

Find a Way (from the “Subject” album)

The first time we heard from Dwele in the mainstream was “Find a Way” and the song really set the tone for what was to follow.
Dwele Find a Way

Hold On (from the “Subject” album)

One of the few songs Dwele didn’t write on his debut album, but it was fun to hear the contributions and background vocals from a young Eric Roberson.
Dwele Hold On

Let Your Hair Down (from the “Subject” album)

A smoothed out uptempo jam in contrast to many of the soulful low tempo songs on his debut album.
dwele subject

I Think I Love You (from the “Some Kinda” album)

The first single from Dwele’s second album proved he was among the elite with his generation of soul artists.
Dwele I Think I Love You

I’m Cheatin (from the “Sketches of a Man” album)

A lyrically fun and adventurous track that also packed plenty of soul.
Dwele Sketches of a Man

What’s Not to Love (from the “W.ants W.orld W.omen” album)

Quite possibly our favorite Dwele song. Super smooth, melodic and musical; another gem courtesy of Mike City.

Detroit Sunrise (featuring Monica Blaire & Lloyd Dwayne) (from the “W.ants W.orld W.omen” album)

Dwele always goes out of his way to rep his hometown of Detroit, and this is the anthem.
Dwele Wants World Women Album Cover

What Profit (from the “Greater Than One” album)

Dwele and producer Mike City always seem to cook up magic when they come together, and “What Profit” was no different.
Dwele What Profit

Obey (from the “Greater Than One” album)

This album cut almost certainly took inspiration from “50 Shades of Grey” but the vibe of the song is undeniable.

Going Leaving (from the “Greater Than One” album)

The head nodding groove of the song has made this one a favorite Dwele album cut of ours.

Honorable Mention:

-Subject (from the “Subject” album)

-Money Don’t Mean a Thing (from the “Subject” album)

-Without You (from the “Subject” album)

-If You Want to (from the “Sketches of a Man” album)

-Body Rock (from the “Sketches of a Man” album)

-Dodgin Your Phone (featuring David Banner) (from the “W.ants W.orld W.omen” album)

-Special (from the “Greater Than One” album)

-What You Gotta Do (featuring Raheem DeVaughn) (from the “Greater Than One” album)