Monica Jazz in the Gardens 2013


We next take some time to revisit the extensive discography of Monica to identify the best songs she has given us. When it comes to a legend of his caliber, it is certainly not easy to complete a list this short.

You will quickly notice that we included a whopping twenty honorable mention choices in addition to our Top 10 so we could properly celebrate many timeless songs that may otherwise go overlooked. Monica has given us plenty of outstanding albums and timeless songs and is no doubt one of the premiere artists of her generation.

It is easy to forget that the singer began her career so young and accomplished so much from such a young age. Her vocal prowess early on is truly stunning and one of the many reasons we’ve all fallen in love with her music. We compiled the list below by digging through each of her eight albums to date to find what in our opinion are her best songs.

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Without further ado, here is our list in chronological order:


“Don’t Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days)” (from the “Miss Thang” album)

Monica scored a #1 hit with her first ever single. This one is a winner for the memorable lyrics and chill vibe.
Monica Don't Take It Personal


“Before You Walk Out Of My Life” (from the “Miss Thang” album)

A stunning power ballad that quickly let us know we had a new star on our hands.
Monica Before You Walk Out of My Life


“With You” (from the “Miss Thang” album)

We’ve always loved this overlooked gem from Monica’s debut which gave us some amazing production from young duo Tim & Bob.
Monica Miss Thang


“The First Night” (from “The Boy is Mine” album)

Jermaine Dupri picked the perfect sample to lace Monica with for this timeless R&B jam.
Monica The First Night


“Angel of Mine” (from “The Boy is Mine” album)

Monica gave us another beautiful ballad and really made this cover her own.
Monica Angel of Mine


“Hurts the Most” (from the “After the Storm” album)

Our favorite non single that Monica has released; a heartfelt and passionate ballad.
Monica After the Storm


“So Gone” (from the “After the Storm” album)

One of the singer’s biggest hits and a great representation of the magic she created with Missy Elliott during her career.
Monica So Gone


“U Should’ve Known Better” (from the “After the Storm” album)

A standout which is a great example of how Monica always comes with unique lyrics. Backed by a beautiful Bryan-Michael Cox and Jermaine Dupri production.
Monica U Should've Known Better


“Love All Over Me” (from the “Still Standing” album)

Another soaring power ballad that really emulates the feeling you get being in love.
Monica Love All Over Me


“Just Right” (featuring Lil’ Wayne) (from the “Code Red” album)

Monica brought serious energy on this song which scored her yet another yet over two decades into her career.
Monica Just Right For Me


Honorable Mention:

“Why I Love You So Much” (from the “Miss Thang” album)

“With You” (from the “Miss Thang” album)

“Aint Nobody” (featuring Treach) (from “The Nutty Professor” soundtrack)

“For You I Will” (from the “Space Jam” soundtrack)

“Street Symphony” (from “The Boy is Mine” album)

“The Boy is Mine” (featuring Brandy) (from “The Boy is Mine” album)

“Keep It To Myself” (from “The Boy is Mine” album)

“All Eyez on Me” (from the “All Eyez on Me” album)

“Just Another Girl” (from the “Down to Earth” soundtrack)

“Get It Off” (featuring Dirtbag) (from the “After the Storm” album)

“Knock Knock” (from the “After the Storm” album)

“Don’t Gotta Go Home” (featuring DMX) (from the “After the Storm” album)

“Down 4 Whatever” (from the “After the Storm” album)

“My Everything” (from “The Makings of Me” album)

“Getaway” (from “The Makings of Me” album)

“Everything to Me” (from the “Still Standing” album)

“Mirror” (from the “Still Standing” album)

“Superman” (from the “Still Standing” album)

“Take a Chance” (featuring Wale) (from the “New Life” album)

“Anything (To Find You)” (featuring Rick Ross) (from the “New Life” album)

“Alone In Your Heart” (from the “Code Red” album)

“Commitment” (from Monica’s upcoming album)