For the next edition of our artist Top 10 Best Songs List series, we take a look at the discography of Ne-Yo. One thing that becomes evident upon revisiting the body of work he’s given us is that he’s certainly among the greats in his generation.

Ne-Yo has already made a name for himself as a legendary songwriter for other artists, but his own music is epic in its own right. He’s certainly someone we would feel comfortable throwing the “legend” tag on despite the fact that he’s not yet been in the industry for two decades yet.

For this list, we put together one of the largest honorable mentions sections that we’ve created for any artist yet. Ne-Yo has that many good songs. You might also notice we left out many of the EDM type songs he had big pop success with because after all, this is an R&B site. Not only do we give many of his traditional R&B singles recognition here, but we’ve also highlighted so many of the great album cuts he’s given us as well.

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Without further ado, here is our list of The Top 10 Best Ne-Yo Songs in chronological order. (click any song title to listen to it).


So Sick (from the “In My Own Words” album)

This was the breakout single from the artist who had only been a successful songwriter for others to this point. He immediately showed his vulnerable side on this tear jerker.
Ne-Yo So Sick


When You’re Mad (from the “In My Own Words” album)

Another great example of how clever Ne-Yo is with the pen. A really dope love song.


Because of You (from the “Because of You” album)

Ne-Yo will always have a connection to production duo Stargate who provided amazing soundscapes to his early hits like this one.
Ne-Yo Because of You


Go On Girl (from the “Because of You” album)

Ne-Yo once again showing off the vulnerable side during a time when it started to become not cool to do so in R&B.
Ne-Yo Because of You Album Cover


Miss Independent (from the “Year of the Gentleman” album)

Did we mention Ne-Yo is slick with the pen? He also always made it a point to celebrate women and the sound of the song was out of this world.
Ne-Yo Miss Independent Single Cover


Champagne Life (from the “Libra Scale” album)

This feel good song immediately took us to a throwback sound that we loved from years past.


Telekinesis (from the “Libra Scale” album)

A favorite album cut from the slept on “Libra Scale” album, this is a stunning ballad, with once again super clever lyrics.
ne-yo libra scale


Jealous (from the “R.E.D.” album)

Ne-Yo had begun to stray into the EDM sound by this album for his singles, but we loved the album cut “Jealous” which is more traditional.
Ne-Yo Red Album Cover


Take You There (from the “Non-Fiction” album)

Another favorite album cut of ours by Ne-Yo. This is what we’d call a progressive R&B ballad.
Ne-Yo Non Fiction Album Cover


Good Man (from the “Good Man” album)

Ne-Yo kept it to the roots of R&B on his most recent hit single “Good Man”.
Ne-Yo Good Man Single Cover


Honorable Mention:

-Stay (featuring Peedi Peedi) (from the “In My Own Words” album)

-It Just Ain’t Right (from the “In My Own Words” album)

-I Ain’t Gotta Tell You (from the “In My Own Words” album)

-Sexy Love (from the “In My Own Words” album)

-Let Go (from the “In My Own Words” album)

-Crazy (featuring Jay-Z) (from the “Because of You” album)

-Can We Chill (from the “Because of You” album)

-Do You (from the “Because of You” album)

-Ain’t Thinking About You (from the “Because of You” album)

-Angel (from the “Because of You” album)

-Make it Work (from the “Because of You” album)

-Nobody (from the “Year of the Gentleman” album)

-Mad (from the “Year of the Gentleman” album)

-Why Does She Stay (from the “Year of the Gentleman” album)

-Fade Into the Background (from the “Year of the Gentleman” album)

-So You Can Cry (from the “Year of the Gentleman” album)

-Makin a Movin (from the “Libra Scale” album)

-Know Your Name (from the “Libra Scale” album)

-One in a Million (from the “Libra Scale” album)

-Lazy Love (from the “R.E.D.” album)

-Miss Right (from the “R.E.D.” album)

-New Rules (from the “3 Simple Rules” EP)

-Integrity (from the “Non-Fiction” album)

-Good Morning (from the “Non-Fiction” album)

-Make It Easy (from the “Non-Fiction” album)

-Religious (from the “Non-Fiction” album)

-Congratulations (from the “Non-Fiction” album)

-Over U (from the “Good Man” album)