Ashanti BB Kings 2014

In the next addition of our Top 10 Best Songs list feature, we take a look at the discography of Ashanti. The singer had such an impact as a new featured artist on singles in the early 2000’s which only carried over into the massive success of her debut album.

It’s interesting to look back and realize that her music has almost gone under appreciated in later years as her fame has remained constant. Some of her biggest hits are certainly still on rotation, but Ashanti has many album cuts and lesser known singles that are worthy of attention as well.

Additionally, her work as a songwriter often gets overlooked as well. She came from the Murder Inc. hype machine in the early 2000’s and was certainly able to match all of the hype she received with the music she released.

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Without further ado, here is our list in chronological order:


Foolish (from the “Ashanti” album)

Following a run of features on hit singles, Ashanti became a star in her own right with “Foolish”.
Ashanti Foolish


Leaving (Always on Time Part II) (featuring Ja Rule) (from the “Ashanti” album)

We loved Ashanti’s feature on Ja Rule’s original hit “Always On Time” and Part II is just as good.
Ashanti Ashanti Album Cover


Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) (from the “Chapter II” album)

A fun and playful hit record which helped solidify her place as the Princess of R&B.
Ashanti Rock Wit U


Breakup 2 Makeup (from the “Chapter II” album)

The “Chapter II” album is packed with gems (see honorable mention list below!) but “Breakup 2 Makeup” made a great choice as a single.
Ashanti Breakup 2 Makeup


Rain on Me (from the “Chapter II” album)

A really good song which became even more important once Ashanti turned it into a domestic violence PSA.
Ashanti Rain on Me


Only U (from the “Concrete Rose” album)

A production courtesy of 7 Aurelius unlike any other we’d heard in R&B; Ashanti really did her thing on this one.
Ashanti Only U


Take Me Tonight (featuring Lloyd) (from the “Concrete Rose” album)

Ashanti joined her labelmate Lloyd on his debut single “Southside”, and he returned the favor on this gem from her album.
Ashanti Concrete Rose Album Cover


The Way That I Love You (from “The Declaration” album)

The singer has shown great ability to create great songs over dynamic productions like that one.
Ashanti The Way That I Love You


Struggle (from “The Declaration” album)

A gem of an album cut that easily could have made a hit single on this album.
Ashanti The Declaration


Nowhere (from the “Braveheart” album)

Ashanti’s “Braveheart” album often goes overlooked but it had some great songs on it. “Nowhere” is our favorite.
Ashanti Braveheart Album Cover


Honorable Mention:

-Happy (from the “Ashanti” album)

-Baby (from the “Ashanti” album)

-Movies (from the “Ashanti” album)

-Sweet Baby (from the “Chapter II” album)

-Don’t Let Them (from the “Concrete Rose” album)

-Every Lil’ Thing (from the “Concrete Rose” album)

-Good Good (from “The Declaration” album)

-Never Should Have (from the “Braveheart” album)

-She Can’t (from the “Braveheart” album)

-Don’t Tell Me No (from the “Braveheart” album)