Tweet 2015

We move into the next edition of our Artist Top 10 List feature by revisiting the discography of R&B singer Tweet to pick out her best songs. Tweet is one of those artists who too often goes under appreciated. However it seems like any true R&B lover you speak with knows how special of an artist she is.

She began her ascent to stardom as part of DeVante Swing’s Da Bassment crew as part of the group Sugah. It was there that she connected with Missy Elliott who eventually signed her as a solo artist. Those two have been creating special music ever since.

Perhaps Tweet often goes overlooked because she’s only released three albums in the past two decades. Regardless of that, she’s given us plenty of good songs that it was easy to pick what we consider her 10 best songs and find room for some honorable mentions. This doesn’t even include some of the great songs she’s been featured on over the years.

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Without further ado, here is our list in chronological order:


Oops (Oh My) (featuring Missy Elliott (from the “Southern Hummingbird” album)

This song sounded nothing like anything that came before or after it. The unique lyrics to the song really make it timeless.
Tweet Oops Oh My


Smoking Cigarettes (from the “Southern Hummingbird” album)

A song that really embodies the soothing and soulful sounds that are Tweet.
Tweet Southern Hummingbird Album Cover


Drunk (from the “Southern Hummingbird” album)

Such a moving and emotional song that you can’t help but be mesmerized by when you hear it.
Tweet Southern Hummingbird Album Cover


Cab Ride (from the “It’s Me Again” album)

Such an amazing use of the timeless sample from “Taxi” which Tweet turned into a sensual R&B jam.
Tweet Cab Ride


Turn Da Lights Off (from the “It’s Me Again” album)

Kwame really gave Tweet a dynamic production on this one to fit her tone and make it feel vintage.
Tweet Turn Da Lights Off


Two of Us (from the “It’s Me Again” album)

This beautiful ballad was an album cut that featured Tweet’s daughter Tashawna.
Tweet Its Me Again


Day Dreaming (from the “Simply Tweet” EP)

Tweet really took this timeless classic and gave us a special rendition.
Tweet Simply Tweet EP


Won’t Hurt Me (from the “Charlene” album)

This uplifting single provided a triumphant comeback for the singer after a hiatus between albums.


Magic (from the “Charlene” album)

Smooth mid tempo jam that is signature Tweet.
Tweet Charlene Album Cover


Somebody Else Will (featuring Missy Elliott) (from the “Charlene” album)

The song is proof that this pair will always have the knack for creating good music together; even after two decades.
Tweet Charlene Album Cover


Honorable Mention:

-Call Me (from the “Southern Hummingbird” album)

-Best Friend (featuring Bilal) (from the “Southern Hummingbird” album)

-My Place (from the “Southern Hummingbird” album)

-Beautiful (from the “Southern Hummingbird” album)

-Where Do We Go From Here (from the “It’s Me Again” album)

-I’m Done (from the “It’s Me Again” album)

-Neva Shoulda Left Ya (from the “Charlene” album)

-Got Watcha Want (from the “Charlene” album)