SWV Essence Music Festival 2013-2

Next in our Top 10 Best Songs showcase we celebrate the legendary legacy of SWV by revisiting their discography. As with all of these features, our goal is to highlight what we consider to be the best songs they’ve given us over the years.

Choosing the best SWV songs was no easy task since Coko, Taj and Lelee are true legends and have given us such a strong catalog of music so far. While it might have been easy to just select all of the singles, we made sure to include a lengthy honorable mention so that we could include some of the overlooked gems as well.

SWV have been in the game for nearly three decades but unfortunately have only given us five albums so far due in part to their lengthy hiatus in the 2000’s. That has not stopped them from solidifying their place as arguably the top female R&B group who emerged out of the 90’s.

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Without further ado, here is our list in chronological order:


Right Here/Human Nature (from the “It’s About Time” album)

The original version of the song was already dope, but the remix took it to another level. The song still remains in heavy rotation at R&B parties.
SWV Right Here Human Nature


I’m So Into You (from the “It’s About Time” album)

A funky New Jack Swing anthem that is one of the many legendary songs writer/producer Brian Alexander Morgan created for the group.
SWV IM so Into You


Weak (from the “It’s About Time” album)

One of the most outstanding vocal performances of the 90’s. This song is a touching and timeless R&B staple.
SWV Weak


All Night Long (featuring Babyface) (from the “Waiting to Exhale” soundtrack)

This song was not a single but easily could have been. A signature Babyface produced ballad.
Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack


You’re The One (from the “New Beginning” album)

The first single from the group’s second album proved to us there would be no sophomore slump.
SWV Youre The One


Don’t Waste Your Time (from the “New Beginning” album)

This Chucky Thompson produced, Faith Evans written gem was tucked towards the end of the “New Beginning” album. Lelee really shines on this one.
SWV New Beginning


Can We (featuring Missy Elliott) (from the “Release Some Tension” album)

Timbaland and Missy gave SWV some of their best work with the song “Can We”.


Rain (from the “Release Some Tension” album)

One of the most soothing and relaxing R&B jams of the 90’s.
SWV Rain


Love Unconditionally (from the “I Missed Us” album)

This Carvin & Ivan produced song was a real standout on the group’s return album after a nearly 15 year hiatus.
SWV Love Uncondtionally


I Missed Us (from the “I Missed Us” album)

One of our favorite album cuts from the group which gets bonus points for the Legend of Zelda sample.
SWV I Missed Us


Honorable Mention:

-You’re Always On My Mind (from the “It’s About Time” album)

-Anything (featuring The Wu-Tang Klan) (from the “Above the Rim” soundtrack)

-Fine Time (from the “New Beginning” album)

-Use Your Heart (from the “New Beginning” album)

-Love is so Amazing (from the “New Beginning” album)

-On & On (from the “New Beginning” album)

-Tell Me How You Want It (from the “Money Talks” soundtrack)

-When U Cry (from the “Release Some Tension” album)

-Lose Myself (from the “Release Some Tension” album)

-Co-Sign (from the “I Missed Us” album)

-Aint No Man (from the “Still” album)