New Music: Toni Braxton “I Heart You”

Toni Braxton I Heart You

Toni Braxton reunites with Keri Lewis to create “I Heart You” which will serve as the lead single to her upcoming album.

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  • Michael Wooten says:

    That’s fine, but if this is what happened after you decided to take the “blue pill”, you can just save yourself the trouble and let Mr. Smith “turn you” now! lol I’d say the same to Celine Dion :-) No seriously, I would either 1) make them bring me something that is an “soulful evolution” of this, or 2) Reach out to Pop & Oats or D. DoRogh Gough or James Poyser, for a set of material (not just a single song) that puts Toni Braxton in the frame of mind that MJ and Quincy were in, when they did “Off the Wall” and “Thriller”! The worst that could happen, is you’d only get 1 #1 single off the CD instead of 2 or 3 :-)

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