truth hurts addictive

The top 10 songs from Truth Hurts Inc and reasons by @MissYoungStunna

1. The Truth – Because I went through that same thing

2.Addictive – Because Rakim was in it and she did the thing on that and it was unique.

3. Do Me – That was the time when I was with my baby and yea u fill in the blank lol

4. Jimmy – One of my favorite songs.

5.NastyMinds – Because well I mean come on I love freaky stuff.

6.Ready Now –  Well me and my baby was definitely ready then ..  lol

7.The Watcher – Mayne no comment lol [cant really tell u why]

8.This Feeling – That song kept me hype and I loved it very much.

9.Phone Sex – U take a guess lol … hahaha

10.Benefit of Doubt – Some made me feel like that  and I had to do to give them a benefit of a doubt.