Though the song itself is amazing, I’m more fascinated by the history behind this song. Just a couple of weeks ago, a Tyrese/Brandy collabo entitled “Rest Of Our Lives” surfaced onto the internet and generated a big buzz which guaranteed that the song would appear on the album, or so we thought. As we fast forward to the release of the album, the song “Rest Of Our Lives” is nowhere to be found on the album. The song “Angel”, however, does appear on the album and if you listen very closely to it, you’ll notice that the hook in both songs have that very distinctive melody. I began researching on the song and found the demo of “Angel” by R. Kelly on the internet:

Does that beat sound familiar? Of course it does. It’s the beat from “Rest Of Our Lives”. So what happened? Through all of this research, it’s safe to conclude that due to the two songs being so similar, Tyrese decided he was only going to pick one for the album, and he went with “Angel”.