Tyrese Open Invitation Album Cover

So it turns out this was one of the songs Melanie and Tyrese recorded together. Though this track probably won’t make the album (seeing as he played the version with Brandy at his listening party), I can definitely see why Tyrese reached out to Melanie to do some songs because she killed this joint.

We spoke to both Tyrese and Melanie Fiona about working with each other in separate interviews, and here’s what they had to say:

Tyrese: “Yea, we did a record together too, absolutely. We’re still mixing on that and figuring that record out right now. That’s definitely coming too.”

Melanie Fiona: “It was crazy because he just reached out for me on Twitter and then the next day I saw him and we were in the studio. We worked on a song together which was really great. He’s amazing, Tyrese has been so talented and so versatile. I remember when I was growing up in Toronto he was in the Coca-Cola commercial singing on the bus. Now he’s gone on to be this amazing singer and actor and writer. Now we’re in the studio which is really cool. It’s amazing to just see for myself when people call me to do things with them. It’s really humbling and it’s such a cool thing to be respected and called upon by your fellow artists.”

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