amerie in love and war

Upcoming Album: Amerie "In Love & War"

After many many setbacks and delays, R&B singer Amerie is set to release her 4th album “In Love & War” on November 3rd. This is a follow up to 2007’s “Because I Love It” which originally released first overseas, followed by an online only release in the U.S. until it finally reached stores the following year. The first two singles for the new album are “Why R U?” followed by “Heard Em All.” After listening to a few of the tracks that have leaked, it seems Amerie is straying slowly further from what worked so well for her on her first album, and towards more of a pop radio friendly approach. Her debut album “All I Have” is probably one of my favorite R&B albums of the early 2000’s, as the album has a distinct mix of R&B, soul & funk, and flows very well from beginning to end. However, on each successive release, Amerie has strayed further from this formula with attempts to branch out and try something fresh and new. While I can’t fault an artist for attempting to grow, the hope is that they continue to develop in the right direction, and unfortunately I feel Amerie has fallen short in her attempts so far.

1. “Tell Me You Love Me”
2. “Heard ‘Em All”
3. “Dangerous”
4. “Higher”
5. “Why R U”
6. “Pretty Brown” (featuring Trey Songz)
7. “More Than Love” (featuring Fabolous)
8. “Swag Back”
9. “You’re a Star (Interlude)”
10. “Red Eye”

11. “The Flowers”
12. “Different People”
13. “Dear John”
14. “Heard ‘Em All” (Remix featuring Lil Wayne)