Updated: Aaliyah’s brother Rashad Refutes Claims of Upcoming Album, Releases Statement

Aaliyah I Care 4 U Inside Booklet

Music lovers were sent into a flurry last night when the news broke that an upcoming Aaliyah album was in the works. However, just as quickly as there hopes were enticed, they were dashed when Aaliyah’s brother Rashad refuted the claims. He issued the following statement via his Twitter last night:

“Statement: there is no official album being released and supported by the Haughton family.”

The original claims of an upcoming album were made by producer Jeffrey “J. Dub” Walker who worked on Aaliyah’s final studio album. Last night he Tweeted the following:

“Just got great news today; the smash unreleased song called “Steady Ground” I produced on #Aaliyah is gonna be on her upcoming album:)”.

Aaliyah fans will have to keep their fingers crossed for now, but stay tuned to YouKnowIGotSoul as more details emerge.


  • MGuy says:

    J. Dub just revealed an hour ago it’s true

  • Anon says:

    The album can still be released, seeing that Aaliyah’s family doesn’t have control over her Estate. Rashad said there will be no album “supported” by the family. The album might be in the works but her family just isn’t backing it.

  • Anon says:

    And J Dub deleted his tweet about the record.

  • AaliyahFan says:

    CORRECTION Aaliyah’s fam does not have COMPLETE control of her estate. We dont know if its the music or not. We cant say they hold no control thats how rumors get started. Aaliyah’s uncle Barry Hankerson holds the rights. Megan Good stated that in an interview. She talked with some of aaliyah’s family memeber’s because of the then possible bio pic. So that info she got has to be correct. Here is the interview SKIP to :22 seconds.

  • Rick says:

    I understand that Aaliyah’s family are still grieving and cant imagine how hard it must be for them even now after 10 years but there are so many Aaliyah fans who miss her so much and have waited years just to hear some of the unreleased music thats been locked up in a vault, for no one to hear.other then those who were close to her. Whats so wrong about wanting to carry on her legacy, providing it is done in the right way and by producers who worked with her and loved her too. I really hope we get this album official or unofficial.