Usher is back with his new single “GLU”. The sexy bedroom record is the first release from the legendary singer since he put out “Bad Habits” back in 2020. The song is also a reunion for Usher, Lil Jon and Sean Garrett as they previously worked on the number one smash “Yeah!” together back in 2004. They are back together for this song (along with The Avila Brother who have also worked heavily with Usher throughout the years).

It’s safe to assume that “GLU” is set to appear on Usher’s highly anticipated upcoming album, but when we spoke to him last year, he shared very little details about the project as he chose to focus on talking about his Las Vegas residency:

“There have been some conversations. We actually did a little listening thing where we allow people to hear a few songs. I think if anything we’ve decided to take a few nontraditional approaches to breaking records. I would have never thought Tiny Desk would have been the way I broke the remix version of “Nice & Slow” or “My Way”. I did these remixes that are reimagined version of those songs plus “You Make Me Wanna”. Again, just trying new nontraditional ways to do things like Tiny Desk or breaking records for the first time performing. You come to my concert, there’s a moment in the night where I actually do a new song. But I’m living in the moment. I put together an entire performance in Las Vegas that’s a celebration of all my songs from over the years. But who knows what’s going to happen night to night or who’s going to come out. Maybe during the month of October we’ll do tribute to some of the songs from “My Way”. I think the new energy and new music is all about creating something that feels fresh and doing things that are a bit out of the norm of how I’d normally do them”.

Usher will be in Las Vegas for his “My Way” show until the end of October so it’ll be interesting to see if that is when he will finally put out this album!