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We’ve been rolling out our artist Top 10 features throughout 2016 so far, and perhaps this is our most ambitious one to date. Few r&b artists have had as many timeless hits as Usher has had over the past two decades, so choosing his 10 best songs is no easy task.

Since he recently released his latest album “Hard II Love” (Check out our review of the album), now is a good time to reflect back on this legendary artist and highlight some of the great work he’s shared with us during his career. In a recent podcast, we debated the direction of his current music, but there is really no debating the impact he’s had on r&b and the legacy he’s created for himself so far.

Without further ado, here is our list of the Top 10 Best Usher Songs:

10) Nice & Slow

The second consecutive #1 single from Usher’s sophomore and breakout album, this was the first of many successful timeless ballads he’s churned out over the years.

9) Good Kisser

Released a couple of years back, this one sounded nothing like any r&b out at the time and became a huge hit. It reminded us that Usher has always been a trend setter.

8) U Don’t Have to Call

Usher masterfully capitalized on the media frenzy surrounding his relationship on Chilli on the extremely relatable The Neptunes produced “U Don’t Have to Call”.

7) Climax

During a period where his music was trending more toward a pop friendly sound, Usher came back to r&b strong with the ballad “Climax” which was yet another #1 R&B single.

6) There Goes My Baby

Usher originally helped introduce writer/producer Rico Love, and the best of their collaborations is “There Goes My Baby”.

5) You Make Me Wanna…

Usher’s self titled debut album has gone largely overlooked, but he made sure his sophomore album would not suffer the same fate with the help of the Jermaine Dupri assisted single “You Make Me Wanna…”. It was the album’s first single and eventually became his first #1 hit.

4) Yeah!

Although the Lil’ Jon assisted “Yeah!” is not a song that r&b purists will call classic Usher, you can’t deny the impact it had in Ushering in (pun intended) the crunk sound to r&b; many clones followed.

3) U Remind Me

“Confessions” will go down as Usher’s greatest body of work according to most fans, but “8701” is not far behind. That album was led by yet another #1 single, “U Remind Me”.

2) U Got it Bad

Usher continued to find success alongside Jermaine Dupri (and also Bryan-Michael Cox), who helped him to churn out out #1 hit “U Got it Bad”, also on “8701”. This showed his vulnerable side and endeared him to just about every r&b fan.

1) Burn

Perfecting the tried and true formula he had on “U Got it Bad” (once again alongside Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox), Usher did it once more with the timeless slow jam “Burn”.

Honorable Mention

1) Caught Up

2) My Boo (featuring Alicia Keys)

3) Confessions Part II

4) Superstar

5) Love in this Club (featuring Beyonce & Lil’ Wayne) (Remix)


  • Daniel Bamber says:

    I’d have had ‘Pop Ya Collar’, ‘She Came To Give It To You’, ‘Lil Freak’ and ‘Separated’ in there. However, it would be a close call woth a lot of them. He’s got a quality body of work.