Watch Social Worker Turned Singer Joey Gallant Tribute Barack Obama in New Video

Joey Gallant is a social worker from Kansas City who just gave us a touching tribute to Barack Obama as he makes his leave from office as President of the United States.

The video features the singer pouring his heart out to honor the man who will surely go down as one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States. In the background, you can see various clips of Obama during his tenure.

We’re not quite sure who Joey Gallant is, but we’re glad we found this one. The legendary Joe was even touting him for this one on Instagram. Stay tuned for more.


  • Awesome However there should be some recognition given to Michael Stokes who produced the background music “Gloria” by Enchantment

  • Yvette Saunders says:


  • Lynette says:

    Wow… just wow! VOCALS OF THA CHAIN! The arrangement is an awesome trip down memory lane with the nostalgic music of the FABULOUS Enchantment… and the lyrics … I simply have no words… just brings me to tears! Love it!

  • Jim Probe says:

    I’ll miss you. We all will.

  • Brenda Smith-Anumudu says:

    Joey, I love this song, you sing your from your heart.
    This is the song for our great President Obama.

  • Kae Kae says:

    WOW! Mmmmm, wow! That tribute was beautiful! he is an AMAZING POTUS! I loved the fusion of the video clips in the background with the singer. Awesome job!


    O man I was in tears

  • Annie Carswell says:

    This young man has one of the most soulful loving beautiful voices I have ever heard, he can sing all kinds, now Joey make a gospel song and we’ll play it at Redemption to the Nation Church. Chattanooga Tennessee.