Jagged Edge Jagged Edge

Jagged Edge released their self titled album in 2006, their fifth album and coming three years after the release of “Hard”. They followed a similar blueprint on the album’s most successful single “Good Luck Charm”, another timeless love song for their collection. However, other singles “Stunnas”, “Season’s Change” with John Legend, and “So Amazing” failed to make much of an impact. This album often gets overlooked in their catalog, but it did feature some great album cuts such as “Ghetto Guitar”, “Hopefully”, and “Questions”.

This is the fifth in our 7 day celebration of Jagged Edge’s music counting down to the release of their 8th album “JE Heartbreak II”. Check back tomorrow as we look back on “Baby Makin Music” & “The Remedy”.

YouKnowIGotSoul.com has partnered up with Jagged Edge for a very special giveaway and countdown leading up to the release of their new album “JE Heartbreak II”. The promotion, which is called #7DaysOfJE, will feature us taking a look back at a Jagged Edge album each day leading up to the release of their new album on 10/27. As a special treat, we’d like to award the biggest Jagged Edge fan with a special limited edition gift from the group. Over the next week, we’ll look for the fans that share or RT our #7DaysofJE articles the most and choose our winner from that group. So, help us honor and celebrate the legendary Jagged Edge as we count down to the release of their new album “JE Heartbreak II”. Good luck to all!