When Bridget Kelly released her single “Thinking About Forever” last year, it was met by a great reaction that followed with covers by many artists popping up over the months. We also saw Frank Ocean, the writer of the song, recently release his original version of the song and begin pushing it as a single. For Bridget, this served as the lead from her debut EP “Every Girl” also released last year. She spoke to us about the meaning behind the song in an interview we did with her last year:

Bridget Kelly: It’s all over the place, isn’t it? When I first heard it, it was so nostalgic for me which I think is very fitting. In general, it is a lot of imagery through words that makes you remember and recall certain periods of your life as a kid. I love “Thinking About Forever” because to me, it made me feel like I was a kid. Almost like if I was at a beach. It took me to a beach as a kid, looking out into the ocean and it made me feel like it was limitless. I felt like it goes on forever. The chorus (“Do you think so far ahead? Because I’ve been thinking of forever”) Is a true statement. As women, we all feel that way. We all going into a relationship or even before the relationship or even after the second date, if we like the guy, we always get ahead of ourselves and start planning the wedding before we even get to meet his mama. It’s definitely a song that covers a lot of emotional ground and that’s really what I want people to take from my project and so I’m very happy that was the first song we went with.