We were first introduced to Dwele back in the early 00’s when he was crooning the hook for Slum Village’s hit “Tainted”. In fact, without that opportunity, Dwele felt he wouldn’t be where he is today: “If it wasn’t for that song and if it wasn’t for Slum Village and if it wasn’t for “Tainted”, I’d probably still be shelved right now! Foreal!” He’s now four albums in, but back on his debut album, the first single he released was “Find a Way”. Dwele talked to us about the creation of the song in an interview we did with him last year:

Dwele: That was a long time ago! *Laughs* I was in L.A. working with G-1 and I remember I had a portable CD player and I had burnt a song in the studio and had it in my portable CD player in my headphones on the balcony of my hotel room under palm trees. I had to write this song, this was the jump off song. I just kinda reflected on something that I was going through at the time. I had got a phone call from a girl that I hadn’t talked to in a minute and that was fresh in my brain. I wrote that actually in L.A. under palm trees, beautiful weather, and went in and cut the song the next day. In the process of recording the song, I remember saying to G-1 and he always brings it up, I stopped the track and said “Man, I don’t even wanna be a singer man, I want to be a rapper!” He was like “What! D man you’re crazy man, D man if you sing, you’re going to have all of the ladies!” I didn’t even want to do it and I fought with him and it took us a long time to even finish that song. I was fighting but everything worked out and I’m glad I’m still singing now because I love ladies! *Laughs*