YouKnowIGotSoul Presents: Top 10 Best R&B Songs Produced by Dre & Vidal

Dre & Vidal

Next up in our producer spotlight is the duo Dre & Vidal who made a name for themselves during the neo-soul movement of the early 00’s in Philly. Over ten years after helping to craft hits for the likes of Musiq Soulchild, Jill Scott, Floetry and Glenn Lewis, the Andre Harris and Vidal Davis have split but continue to work on their own and remain in high demand.

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10) Ciara “Oh” featuring Ludacris (2005)

9) Mary J. Blige “Hurt Again” (2008)

8) Musiq Soulchild “Girl Next Door” featuring Aaries (2000)

7) Usher “Caught Up” (2004)

6) Floetry “Say Yes” (2002)

5) Chris Brown “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)” (2005)

4) Jill Scott “Gettin In the Way” (2000)

3) Michael Jackson “Butterflies” (2002)

2) Musiq Soulchild “Love” (2000)

1) Glenn Lewis “Don’t You Forget It” (2001)

Honorable Mention:

-Floetry “Getting Late”

-Amerie “Just Like Me”

-Usher “Superstar”

-Trey Songz “Store Run”

-Robin Thicke “2 Luv Birds”

-Jill Scott “The Way”

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  • tagthemelody says:

    Thanks for featuring Dre & Vidal. I love their work. I’m glad you mentioned “Superstar” and “The Way” as those are some of my favorites from them. I also have to mention “Hello” because that’s one of my favorite Floetry joints. Ruben Studdard’s “After the Candles Burn” probably would have made my list. I love that song. It reminds me of something Playa would do. I also have to give Dre & Vidal props for their gospel production as well. The did some crazy tracks on Crystal Aiken’s debut album.