R. Kelly YouKnowIGotSoul 2013 2-1

There are a number of terms you could use to describe Robert Kelly, but musical genius seems like a fitting summation. With a career that was born into the 90s, it seems as though R. Kelly has been working non-stop over the last two decades in an effort to fill our music collections with his work. A self-contained producer and songwriter, Kellz has the uncanny ability to transition from stories of fun and inspiration to songs of sensuality and desire, just as effortlessly as Sam Cooke or Marvin Gaye. Whether writing or producing hits songs for himself or others, R. Kelly has amassed an impressive body of work, making him one of the most successful musical talents of our time. Few can argue that R. Kelly is the “R” in R&B. As a team, we dug through all of the songs and albums he’s worked on to find the 10 best songs he’s produced. Here’s what we came up with.

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10. Joe – More and More (2003)

9. Hi-Five – Quality Time (1992)


8. Janet Jackson – Anytime, Anyplace (R. Kelly Mix) – (1994)


7. Kelly Price ft. Ronald Isley and R. Kelly – Friend of Mine (Remix) (1999)

6. The Isley Brothers ft. Chanté Moore and R. Kelly – Contagious (2001)

5. Changing Faces – Stroke You Up (1994)

4. Sparkle ft. R. Kelly – Be Careful (1998)

3. Aaliyah – Back and Forth (1994)


2. Maxwell – Fortunate (1999)

1. Michael Jackson – You are Not Alone (1995)

Honorable Mention:

B2K- Bump, Bump, Bump

Blaque – 808

Charlie Wilson – Charlie, Last Name Wilson

JS- Love Angel

KCi & Jo-Jo – Life

Kelly Price – It’s Gonna Rain

Marques Houston – Clubbin’

Mary J. Blige – It’s On

Nivea – Laundromat

Tamia – Questions

Syleena Johnson – Guess What