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The Greatness and Inconsistency of Alicia Keys – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #32

Alicia Keys’ new album “Here” is finally out and as always, we’re here to give you the real on the album. We talk about the promotion behind the album, the omission of the lead single “In Common” and the disappointing first week sales. The album is projected to sell 33-38k which is a huge drop off from her last album. We also try to figure out how Solange has managed to sell more than the 2000’s superstars Alicia Keys and Usher.

We also talk about Tinashe’s new mixtape “Nightride” and her journey being on RCA records since signing with them a few years back. We’ve seen her going in a lot of different directions so we try to figure out what the best lane for is right now. Afterwards we talk about some of the new R&B releases that have come out this year including the chart topping single “Thick Of It” by Mary J. Blige and the new Bruno Mars joint “Versace On The Floor” which sounds like it’s straight from 1991. We also briefly debate whether Bruno Mars could possible bring R&B back.

Lastly, for our food discussion we continue our candy debate and also compare different R&B artists to them. Take a listen and let us know what you think!

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  2. Have you heard of a artist by the name of Tish Hyman. Well She has a song called “Subway Art” that she actually wrote for Alicia and she passed on it! Here is the link and you tell me if this would not have been a better choice for this album than some of the other stuff she has on it?


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