Stream the Full Episode of Jon B. on TV One’s “Unsung”

For years now, the TV One show “Unsung” has provided r&b artists a great platform to expose their talents on a major scale. Not only dose it help them to tell their story and allow fans to follow their legendary journey, but it also keeps r&b lovers in the loop on what they’re currently working on.

The most recent episode was no different, as Jon B. finally got his just due. In case you missed it, it’s now available to stream in its entirety above.

Also in case you missed it, we recently caught up with Jon B. ourselves to get the scoop on his upcoming album. You can watch that interview here.

We also spoke with producer Warryn Campbell recently, who signed Jon B. to his My Block label and is executive producing his upcoming “Mr. Goodnight” album.


  • Lou says:

    the legendary Jon b always comes correct whenever he comes out i like about him the most he wasn’t flip-flopping all over the charts for the next big thing or the next big pop hit he stayed true to R&B will always continue to support can’t wait for the new CD from Big Block Entertainment that’s going to be a really good combo

  • Danny says:

    In a radio interview after the Unsung doc, jon stated that “due to unforeseen events the album has taken a different direction and technically the deal with Warryn Campbell was never signed”. Sounds like JB is gonna need some additional time to get the right deal/label behind the project. Looking forward to hearing his new stuff. Always killer work/production.

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