Even though Aaliyah passed away before she was able to truly reach her potential, she certainly left behind a legendary career. She only recorded three albums, but she also recorded material for soundtracks, collaborated with plenty of other artists, and also left behind a bunch of unreleased songs.

For the purpose of this article, we take a look back on some of the more overlooked Aaliyah songs you may have missed. Keep in mind, we know plenty of Aliyah fanatics read this site, and you’ve most likely heard this. But for the majority of r&b fans who may not have had the chance to stumble across these songs yet, this is for you. Enjoy!

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Are You Ready?

Aaliyah recorded this song for the “Sunset Park” soundtrack in 1995. The song was produced by DJ Kay Gee of Naughty by Nature and written by his artist Renee Neufville of group Zhane. A few years back, Kay Gee talked to us about working with Aaliyah.

Man Undercover (With Timbaland & Magoo, and Missy Elliott)

Timbaland featured Aaliyah on just about all of his projects that he worked on. That includes the song “Man Undercover”, which is essentially an Aaliyah song featuring Timbaland. It was on Timbaland & Magoo’s 1997 album “Welcome to Our World”.

One Man Woman (With Playa)

This song was featured on Playa’s debut album “Cheers 2 U” and is a magical duet between Aaliyah and Static Major.

Where Could He Be? (featuring Missy Elliott & Tweet)

This song surfaced a few years following her passing, and although it was never officially released as a single, it charted due to airplay alone.

John Blaze (With Missy Elliott & Timbaland)

This little gem was tucked away on Timbaland’s solo debut album “Tim’s Bio, Life From Da Bassment” but it is essentially an Aaliyah song with a rap and ad libs from Missy.

Bonus – Static Major – CEO (Aaliyah Demo)

Sure this isn’t actually an Aaliyah song, but it was intended to be. Aaliyah was set to record this for her self titled final album, but all we are left with is the demo for now.