Angie Stone 2022

Legendary singer/songwriter Angie stone has just announced a new partnership with SRG/ILS group in coordination with Walter Millsap III’s Conjunction Entertainment.

She adds about signing to SRG/ILS and label head Claude Villani:

“I have been in the music business for more than four decades, and having a fantastic team brings a certain peace, so when the head of my label and manager, Walter Millsap, suggested that we do this partnership with Claude and SRG, I did not blink an eye. Claude’s passion and enthusiasm are electric and contagious.”

Walter Millsap, producer and CEO of Conjunction Entertainment also adds:

“After receiving several calls from good friends Aaron “Freedom” Lyles and Robert Ross urging me to call the head of SRG, Mr. Claude Villani. I did exactly that, and I am certainly glad I did! CV! The man who puts the P in Passion. After speaking with him, I knew instantly that SRG was the home for Conjunction Entertainment and Angie. We are pleased to be partnered with the SRG family.”

Angie Stone began her career in the 80’s with the R&B trio Vertical Hold who had a top 40 hit single “Seems You’re Much Too Busy.” She then went on to break out as a solo artist scoring the hit albums “Black Diamond” in 1999 and “Mahogany Soul” in 2001. Her most recent album release was “Full Circle” in 2019.

She’s currently working on her new album and is expected to release new music in the first half of 2023.