If you’ve visited this site at all over the past couple years then you’ll surely know the name Anna Moore. She just happens to be one of the emerging artists we’re most excited about.

We were immediately impressed upon hearing her “One Day” EP back in 2018. The beautiful blend of standout vocals, meaningful lyrics, and progressive production is not something you find too often in the genre these days. We even had her as a guest on our SoulBack R&B Podcast for an interview.

The singer now returns with a brand new EP called “The Light”. The project is exactly the quality brand of R&B we’ve come to expect from her over the years and it doesn’t disappoint one bit. Anna reveals to us exclusively about the project:

Overall the project is a mixture of where I am now and where I use to be emotionally. Right now, I feel light, I feel free, I feel I’m evolving, acknowledging my past and accepting it and looking forward to the future, love and growth.

Our only complaint is that at only four songs, it definitely left us wanting more! It’s hard to complain though when each song is very good.

Moore also explained the meaning behind each song:

The first 2 records, “The Light” and “Fly” are where I am now and how I’m feeling now. “The Light” stems from meeting and encountering people with beautiful spirits. You can feel their beautiful aura, their calmness and it just radiates and transfers. I’m on a journey to meet my soulmate. This is what I ask from the Universe. That they have that energy and aura. That kind of energy that just reassures you, you feel calm and love. The next track Fly is meant to uplift anyone who feels like they can’t do something. It’s a reminder that we all can fly. Our own mind just gets in the way sometimes, doubt and negative self talk. All we focus on is how we aren’t flying right now but if we keep trying, we can do it. It may sound cliche but it definitely comes from my own experience. As well as for my daughter if and when she ever questions her capability to do something. The next two songs are where I use to be. All Day and With My Heart are about my last relationship, which ended years ago but it was a long term relationship that affected me the most. I looked back in my journals and read those entries and how hurt I was and how much I thought about that person. Feelings of unworthiness, unable to move forward, felt used, just a lot of negative emotions, it was a hard time emotionally.

So if this is your first introduction to Anna Moore you’re in for a treat. But make sure to listen to all of her other music on this site as well!