The legendary Donell Jones recently treated his fans to some of the new music he’s been cooking up with a snippet on his Instagram TV. The new single is called “Karma” and Donell puts his spin on The Stylistics 1973 hit “Payback is a Dog”.

The song is anything but a cover though. From two minute clip we are able to hear, Donell puts his masterful spin on the song equipped with lyrics that tell a woman that karma will catch up to her if she doesn’t stop acting wrong.

“Karma” is sure to be a hit with R&B fans if it eventually does get released. Donell’s lush vocals and enchanting melodies steal the show here and we even find ourselves brought back to the sound of his debut album “My Heart” from the mid 90’s.

There hasn’t been any recent news on a new album from Donell Jones. We did speak with him for an interview recently on Instagram live and he filled us in on some of history as well as the new music he’s been working on.

Stay tuned for hopefully an official release of “Karma” from Donell Jones!