Eric Benet BB Kings Feb 2015-10


We take some time to celebrate the legendary career of Eric Benet by revisiting his discography of songs and selecting which have been the best to date.

There was obviously a lot to choose from here as Benet has given us over two decades worth of music and countless timeless songs. For that reason we were not shy when adding inclusions to the honorable mention section. You could have easily swapped in many of those songs to be included in the Top 10.

This has been one of the tougher lists to put together for us, but the below list represents what in our opinion are the Top 10 Best Eric Benet songs.

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Without further ado, here is our list in chronological order:


Femininity (from the “True to Myself” album)

Benet expressed his love for the beauty of all women on the timeless “Femininity”.

Eric Benet Femininity


All in the Game (from the “True to Myself” album)

A true album cut gem that is one of our favorites from Benet that wasn’t chosen as a single.
Eric Benet True to Myself


Georgy Porgy (featuring Faith Evans) (from the “A Day in the Life” album)

This uptempo duet with Faith Evans has become one of Benet’s most successful singles and was the first chosen from his sophomore album “A Day in the Life”.
Eric Benet Georgy Porgy


Spend My Life With You (featuring Tamia) (from the “A Day in the Life” album)

This Grammy nominated song also happens to be Benet’s most successful. The duet with Tamia became a #1 single back in 1999.
Eric Benet Spend My LIfe With You


Pretty Baby (from the “Hurricane” album)

Selected as the third single from his 2005 album “Hurricane”, the beautiful ballad further shows his love for women.
Eric Benet Pretty Baby


I Wanna Be Loved (from the “Hurricane” album)

A staple at his live shows, “I Wanna Be Loved” shows off the vulnerability that Benet has included in his music throughout the years.
Eric Benet I Wanna Be Loved


Chocolate Legs (from the “Love & Life” album)

Benet’s signature falsetto was on full display on the timeless single “Chocolate Legs”, which also embodies the sensuality in his music.
Eric Benet Love & Life


Sometimes I Cry (from the “Lost in Time” album)

Perhaps the most emotional song that Eric Benet has ever recorded, “Sometimes I Cry” showcases the rare side of a man showing vulnerability.
Eric Benet Sometimes I Cry


News for You (from “The One” album)

Another timeless jam where we just can’t help resist the infectious groove.
Eric Benet News For You


Sunshine (from the “Eric Benet” album)

The singer’s most recent hit which is vintage Benet and proves his longevity in music.
Eric Benet Sunshine


Honorable Mention

I’ll Be There (from the “True to Myself” album)

Spiritual Thang (from the “True to Myself” album)

More Than Just a Girlfriend (from the “True to Myself” album)

Love of my Own (from the “A Day in the Life” album)

Can’t Stop Thinking About You (from the “Better & Better” album)

Love Don’t Love Me (from the “Better & Better” album)

India (from the “Hurricane” album)

The Hunger (from the “Love & Life” album)

Don’t Let Go (from the “Love & Life” album)

Never Want to Live Without You (from the “Lost in Time” album)

Feel Good (featuring Faith Evans) (from the “Lost in Time” album)

Take It (featuring Chrisette Michele) (from the “Lost in Time” album)

Summer Love (featuring India Benet) (from the “Lost in Time” album)

Lost in Time (from the “Lost in Time” album)

Harriet Jones (from “The One” album)

Real Love (from “The One” album)

Can’t Tell You Enough (from the “Eric Benet” album)

Broke, Beat & Busted (from the “Eric Benet” album)