In a release that comes as a bit of a surprise, veteran Eric Roberson shares the new album “Hear From Here”.

He added about the inspiration behind releasing this album: I have learned from past experiences to trust the process and look for the purpose. I found it in this album, Hear From Here; 10 songs I heard when the world was quiet.

Roberson explains further on his Instagram account how this album all came together:

Album is officially out. About 4 weeks ago I started recording. I wasn’t making an album. But I began sharing publicly, what I’ve been sharing privately with my process group. As the pandemic hit, I hid deeper into my creativity and shared more. The more I shared, the more I noticed it was helping people cope. My first art is the art of listening. I heard songs and melodies. But more importantly I heard you. Thank you for putting a purpose behind my process. Love erro.

As with most artists during a time when they’re unable to perform and earn money doing shows, Eric Roberson deserves our support. You can head to his official site to purchase a copy of the album should you choose (Click Here).

Just last month, Eric Roberson also released the “Music Fan First Tour Live Album” to hold his fans over while they can’t see him perform live.