2:25: New Mariah Carey single “I Don’t”
4:46: Legends trying to cater to a younger generation
6:06: Incorporating current Hip Hop/Trap artists into R&B songs
9:24: Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige on Urban AC format today
14:20: Evolution vs trends
16:11: Timbaland’s contribution to the genre
22:25: The emergence of Trap music in R&B
24:00: New Edition biopic on BET
25:35: Bell Biv DeVoe’s latest album “Three Stripes”
27:09: Musiq Soulchild’s latest single “Simple Things” and label situation
32:12: The emergence of new artist Kevin Ross and his single “Long Song Away”
34:45: Food discussion

There’s nothing better to talk about than old and new R&B music with the YouKnowIGotSoul team. We start off the podcast talking about the new Mariah Carey single “I Don’t” which samples Donell Jones’ classic song “Where I Wanna Be”. Afterwards we talk about artists such as Mariah Carey, Usher (“No Limit”) and Mary J. Blige (“Thick Of It”) who have attempted to adapt to the music today. The purpose is to cater to the younger generation, so we discuss whether it’s necessary for legends to even do that.

Speaking of adapting to the music industry, we talk about the key differences between a trend in music versus the genre evolving. We view New Jack Swing as a trend (a very good one) based on its short longevity. We also dissect Timbaland’s contributions in R&B to see if his sound would be considered a trend or not. Lastly we talk about the inclusion of Hip Hop into R&B and how that has affected the genre as evidenced by the influx of trap music on the radio right now.

We also discuss some new music that has come out from the likes of Bell Biv Devoe (“Three Stripes” album), Musiq Soulchild(“Simple Things”) and Omarion. We also talk about an album that we are looking forward to this year which is Kevin Ross’ debut “The Awakening”. The project is set to come out on Motown Records in March.

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