When our friend producer Rio “RioTheyNeedAHit” Bridges came to us last year to introduce a new artist he’d been working with, we had no idea we were in store for such a treat. We’ve had the opportunity to premiere new music from his artist Gabrielle Lynn over the past year and have been more impressed with each release.

That trend continues with the release of Gabrielle Lynn’s new EP called “Irresistible”. Rio taps into her unique blend of pop/r&b to showcase her new musical direction and give us something fresh like nothing else out there.

The project features six songs and is led by the single “Let Go” which we premiered on the site last month.

This is fun and authentic music in its finest form. You can get a taste of that on the new single “Close to Me” for which you can view the video below. The retro visual is a great depiction of her sound and creativity.

2020 is set up to be a big year for the Minnesota native. With veteran Rio Bridges guiding her, there is no telling how far Gabrielle Lynn will go. “Irresistible” is a great start to that journey.