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RL is known around the world as the former lead singer of Next and for his success with the group as well as a solo artist, but many overlook his prolific pen and the success he’s had writing hits for other artists. Although he’s come into the spotlight recently for the “Why You Always Lying” vine video parody, the man’s skills are no joke. After being discovered by Kay Gee of Naughty by Nature, RL began writing for many of the in house Divine Mill label artists, before eventually branching out on his own. You probably already know that he wrote most of the biggest hits by Next including “Too Close”, “Butta Love”, “I Still Love You”, and “Wifey”, but did you know he wrote these as well?


Listen to RL tell us about some of his biggest singles


RL also recently joined us as a special guest on our R&B Podcast


10) Luther Vandross – “Bring Your Heart to Mine”

From Luther Vandross’ 2001 self-titled album, RL wrote this song which was produced by Kay Gee.

Luther Vandross Luther Vandross Album Cover


9) Keith Sweat – “The Floor”

A Teddy Riley produced song which was included on Keith Sweat’s 2008 album “Just Me”. RL also wrote “Sexiest Girl” and “Teach Me” for the album.

Keith Sweat Just Me Album Cover


8) Usher – “U R the One”

Produced by Soulshock & Karlin, RL wrote “U R the One” for Usher’s classic album “8701”.

Usher 8701 album cover


7) Ginuwine – “Open the Door”

RL had a major impact on Ginuwine’s 2009 album “A Man’s Thoughts”, contributing writing to five of the songs. If you listen closely, you can hear his vocals kept on many of the songs including “Open the Door”, “Show Off”, “Orchestra”, “Touch Me”, and “Even When I’m Mad”.

Ginuwine A Man's Thoughts


6) 3rd Storee – “Party Tonight” featuring Treach

RL penned this 1999 single for teenage group “3rd Storee” which was included on their unreleased debut album.

3rd Storee Party Tonight Single Cover


5) Jaheim – “Just in Case”

After Kay Gee signed Jaheim to his Divine Mill record label, RL had an immediate impact on supporting his debut album, including penning the massive single “Just in Case”.

Jaheim Just in Case Single Cover


4) Jamie Foxx – “Storm (Forecass)”

Although not chosen as a single, “Storm (Forecass)” was a standout song that RL wrote for Jamie Foxx’s sophomore album “Unpredictable”.

Jamie Foxx Unpredictable Album Cover


3) Koffee Brown – “Weekend Thing”

Another group that Kay Gee had signed to his Divine Mill record label, RL wrote their second single “Weekend Thing”.

Koffee Brown Weekend Thing Single Cover


2) Ideal – “Whatever” featuring Lil’ Mo

RL penned r&b group Ideal’s second biggest single “Whatever” which was included on the group’s self titled debut album in 2000.

ideal whatever


1) Jaheim – “Anything” featuring Next

Taking the #1 spot is another single RL wrote for Jaheim’s debut album, “Anything”. The song featured his group Next and he still performs the song at many of his solo shows to date.

Jaheim Anything Single Cover