Jack Freeman Nina Album Cover

Houston based R&B singer/songwriter Jack Freeman has just unveiled his third album “Nina”.

The project marks the beginning of a series from Freeman inspired by Black women, featuring tracks that delve into themes of relationships, love, and pain. Co-produced by Grammy Award-winning songwriter, producer and executive, Bryan-Michael Cox, the album succeeds Freeman’s debut single, “Shine” and his sultry second single “U N D R E S S.”

The release of “Nina” comes six years following Freeman’s second album “Define Love”. He adds:

“I wanted to create a project that centered around women, specifically, so I’m excited to present my most sonically diverse and well rounded body of work to the world. I, along with my collaborators Chris Rockaway, Lab Ox, Kristine Kruta, Felly, Adonis and Bryan-Michael Cox took out time to craft the most intentional music rooted in the beauties and pains of love.”

Bryan Michael-Cox goes on to add:

“When I first witnessed Jack Freeman perform in Houston, I immediately recognized him as an artist I wanted to collaborate with. To me, he embodies the essence of contemporary soul music. His vocal prowess, stage presence, and authenticity made him an ideal candidate for a partnership at Illustrate New Ideas.”

Throughout “Nina”, Jack navigates through a spectrum of moods and tempos. With accompaniments ranging from house beats to bounce rhythms and chopped-and-screwed remixes, this album represents the pinnacle of his sonic experimentation. Nina stands as a testament to Freeman’s artistry, showcasing the depth and breadth of his musical talent.