Koffee Brown Make It Last Forever

In case you hadn’t heard, Koffee Brown is out again after the brand has been idle over over two decades. The group now includes original member Vernell “Vee” Sales, along with Ryan Lane, who replaces Falonte “Fonz” Moore.

The group disbanded shortly after releasing their debut album “Mars / Venus” in 2001, which landed them the hit song “After Party”. The group was originally discovered by producer Kay Gee and signed to his Divine Mill label.

They recently put out an updated visual for “Didn’t Mean To Turn You On” from the debut album, and now give us a cover of Keith Sweat’s 1987 timeless hit “Make It Last Forever”.

This version of the song was produced by Kaygee, Lady and A Tramp and Eric Hall.

Koffee Brown is currently back in the studio recording new music with KayGee.