Lucky Daye Algorithm Album Cover

R&B sensation Lucky Daye has just released his brand new single “Soft” via Keep Cool/RCA Records.

The single is set to be included on his upcoming album “Algorithm”, set to release on June 28th. Also on the album is the previously released single “HERicane”.

Lucky adds about the new single:

“‘Soft’ is about how love can come over a person and make them feel vulnerable, and whilst it’s unexpected, it’s also okay to embrace it. To be comfortable doing the things society labels “soft” like cuddling, PDA, hugging and kissing – shamelessly. It’s about a lover putting a spell on you but that spell is in fact love itself.”

To coincide with the release of “Soft” he also shares the release date of his highly anticipated album, “Algorithm” which is due out June 28th. This is Lucky’s third studio album and it will showcase his versatility, venturing into an experimental and futuristic sound that fuses various genres including R&B, rock, alternative and more. The title is inspired by Lucky not wanting to be bound to a certain rulebook or ‘algorithm’ that he must follow to achieve success, carving his own path in the industry. The album was created with longtime collaborators D’Mile and J. Kercy.