When we heard Lucky Daye’s debut album “Painted” last year, we were instantly smitten with his interlude “Ready for Love”. It was very unfortunate that the song simply remained as an interlude and we never got to hear a full length track of it.

We partially get our wishes fulfilled as the breakout star has released a remix to “Ready for Love” exclusively for Amazon Music. Lucky Daye expands on the original with a brand-new verse as well as new production from producer/collaborator D’Mile.

Discussing the new track, Lucky said, “When you do a half song, people always want the other half, well, if the song is good. The people spoke and wanted me to add more to ‘Ready for Love (Interlude)’ so I did.”

Amazon Music listeners can simply ask, “Alexa play the new song by Lucky Daye” in the Amazon Music app for iOS and Android and on Alexa-enabled devices.