R&B singer Alex Vaughn released her EP “The Hurtbook” last year and it was met with raving reviews thanks to her musicality, songwriting and her ability to touch on different topics. The LVRN signed artist is now set to release a deluxe version of the project called “The Hurtbook: Homegirl Pack”. The new three track EP includes features from Ari Lennox, Summer Walker as well as Muni Long who is featured on the new single “IYKYK”.

The upbeat record was first premiered by Alex Vaughn a few weeks ago on stage as she is currently on the road with Ari Lennox on the “age/sex/location” tour.

When we interviewed Alex Vaughn a few weeks ago, she talked about the creation of “The Hurtbook” and how it all came together:

Originally “The Hurt Book” was a compilation of love stories between me and people throughout my life and then as I started to evolve and make different moves for my career, I noticed there was a shift happening not only in the romantic aspect of my life but also in my friendships and ultimately my relationship with myself. Those felt a little deeper than the romantic things I was experiencing and it hurt. I didn’t want to make a project about despair, being sad or blaming it on other people. I know that my relationships are a reflection of myself so I wanted to make a project about self. It’s okay to experience these emotions and it’s all part of the growing process. It’s like “You’re not broken, you’re just hurt”. It’s a book of hurt and feelings.