chrissy organic

Emerging singer Chrissy has linked up with R&B veteran Marques Houston for the brand new single “Low Key”. The song appears on Chrissy’s most recent EP “Organic”. The connection between the two is that Chrissy is the daughter of Chris Stokes who originally founded Marques Houston’s group Immature as well as B2K, Jhene Aiko and Mila J.

Marques Houston has been focused on the acting side of things over the last few years. When we spoke to him back in 2016, he had mentioned that he had new music coming but nothing ever came out. No signs of whether his “White Party” is still in the works, but he did mention it would show a more mature side of him:

“The single “Complete Me” is just my expression of where I am as an artist and an individual. It’s the kind of music that I love right now. It’s real clean and a real beautiful love song. It’s something everybody can listen to. Like all of my music, it reflects where I am in my life and that’s where I am right now. A lot of Pop ballads and slow records. There will be a lot of love songs and discussing examples of love. I think the world needs more love and less violence.”