Frankie J is back with his new single “With You”. The song features Paul Wall as well as Raz B from B2K. The smooth single is the first offering from Frankie’s upcoming album “Back 2 Us” which will be his first R&B album since “Priceless” back in 2006.

Over the past decade, Frankie J has been releasing music as an independent artist. He’s released music in both Spanish and English but recently decided that he wanted to return to full R&B.

Frankie told us about this “Back 2 Us” project a few months back when we interviewed him.

“I’m working on a new R&B album called “Back To Us”. Right now I’m in the process of finishing a few of the songs that I just started. I want to release the first single “With You” featuring Raz-B from B2K. My son and I produced it, so he’s now involved in putting together some songs. This album has some cool things.”