jojo good to know

After releasing her lead single “Man” just a few weeks ago, she’s back with another song off her upcoming album “Good To Know”. The smooth R&B record is what many have been wanting from JoJo for years and she delivers here. Her upcoming album is set to come out May 1st.

We recently interviewed JoJo to talk about “Good To Know” as well as this new song “Lonely Hearts”. This is what she had to say about the song:

“That was a song that I wrote in Toronto with my girl Lowell who is a dope Canadian songwriter and Doc McKinney when I was camping out there at House Of Balloons. I knew the importance of being on my own for a solid year because I had never really been single. I had jumped up from relationship to relationship and I started dating with I was 14. I knew I had to go through this uncomfortable experience of sitting with my thoughts, being lonely and getting to know myself. I wasn’t sure what my boundaries were and what was truly important to me independent of anybody else. Maybe this is work that a lot of people do in their early 20’s, but I guess we all have to do that at one point or another. I just finally put myself through to experience it. I had just recycled relationships, gone back and kept doors open. I always had a comfort zone to go back to because I felt so much unpredictably in my personal life that I loved the predictability in my personal life. I realized I was doing something myself a disservice. That’s where “Lonely Hearts” came from. It came from conversations with my people in Toronto and I started singing. A lot of these songs started as freestyles and we developed them from there. I got on the mic that we had in the main room and I started singing this melody that sounded very 90’s R&B to me. The chorus goes “How can I work on me when I’m working your body?” and I started thinking about how I love the idea about being able to have casual sex, but it’s never ends up being that casual. I can’t have any of these types of friends and I just need to be by myself fully. That’s where it came from.”