Kelly Price Unsung

Legendary R&B singer Kelly Price returns with the brand new single “UnSung”. The heartfelt ballad is signature Kelly Price as she shows off her heartfelt lyrics and powerhouse vocals.

In a recent interview, Price revealed to us about the new single:

I have a single right now “Unsung” which you can pre-order. It will be available on May 8th. Leading up to a new R&B project. I’m excited because my life has changed so much since the last body of work was presented. For the first time in my adult life, I’m a single woman. I got married at 19 years old to my very first boyfriend. Being single in the 21st century is an interesting place! The DM’s are a mystery!! *Laughs* Dating after being married for almost a quarter of a century was a very interesting thing. I talked about a lot of that in the music. Just real grown stuff. From a healthy grown perspective. Having fun with it really. It’s still powerful and everything you know me to be, but it’s a very, very different perspective.

This is the follow up to her previous single “What I Need (Give Me What I Need)” which marked a triumphant return for Price.

Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming album!