Louis York Strawberry Skies

Louis York aka Claude Kelly & Chuck Harmony have just unveiled their latest single “Strawberry Skies”.

The song has a Bossa Nova inspired feel and is all about celebrating the new beginnings that Spring brings to us. The song was written and produced by the duo and is a love song focusing on the angst, hope, and wonder that comes along with a relationship.

Louis York add about the song:

“‘Strawberry Skies’ is a love song about tenderness and romance! We feel it’s important for Black men to put that on front street. We were inspired by love songs made by Lionel Richie, Marvin Gaye, The Isley Brothers, and so many more. The art of a good love song is not lost on us, and we are here to push that forward.”

The song is the group’s latest offering since the release the feel good anthem “It Is What It Is” just a few weeks ago.

Both of these songs are set to appear on the group’s sophomore album “Healing Feeling”, which is set to release later this year.