Raheem DeVaughn Fall in Love

The “R&B Love King” Raheem DeVaughn has just released a new album called “Fall in Love”. Amazingly, this is his third project released this year, and picks up where his last EP “Summer of Love” left off by reimagining some of the songs presented on the original.

Where the first volume in this collection found the Love King of R&B at his most sensual painting soundscapes that both allow and encourage fans to lean into their wild side; “Fall In Love” leads listeners towards more meaningful connections, creating a safe space to foster and nurture love.

The “Fall In Love” tracklist is a testament to Raheem DeVaughn’s musical prowess and his ability to manipulate words and sounds to evoke a specific mood. The project primarily consists of alternate and remixed versions of the songs on his previous release. However, with the support of Kenny Allen and Ari O’Neal; appearances by lyricists ADE and Scienze; and spoken word artist Ra Brown, Raheem presents each song as a brand new production, shifting the energy through simple technical details like tempo and vocal inflections. He adds:

“Fall In Love is my latest offering with a twist of Soul/R&B fused with a futuristic 90s nostalgia. It is my ode to my loyal fans and is a continuation from the instant classic, Summer Of Love. This new release aims to appeal to all of the senses and to have listeners and fans alike reminded that love is the highest vibration.”

Raheem also released the album “Love Euphoria” earlier this year in collaboration with Vandell Andrew & The Colleagues.

Following the release of the album, Raheem will be heading out on tour next month performing at intimate venues across the country.