Teenear Never Met a Me

R&B sensation Teenear has just released her long anticipated debut album “Never Met A Me” via Slip N Slide Records.

The project marks the melodic artist’s first full-length offering since emerging onto the scene many years ago.

Drawing a parallel through storytelling the origins of her universe, Teenear elevates her emotionally-charged songwriting and showcases a new, evolved sound. She adds:

“‘Never Met A Me’ honestly feels like a re-introduction of myself to the world. It’s me finally standing in the essence of who I truly am, and it represents what I feel like is my bigger purpose right now. The music – it exudes confidence. It’s for the girls, it’s for the lovers, it’s for the hard workers… It’s for the ones that truly know how to feel.”

The album includes previously released singles including “Come See Me,” “Stay Home,” and “Need Your Love.”

Along with the new album, Teenear shares the accompanying video for her high-profile collaboration with Rick Ross on “Moment”, which you can view below.