Brandy Essence Music Festival 2013


We present to you the next Edition of our Artist Top 10 Best Songs series by taking the time to celebrate the music of Brandy. When revisiting the discography of a legend of this caliber, it’s probably as hard as you can imagine to pick out just 10 songs.

For that reason we decided to include a rather lengthy honorable mention section that includes many songs that we also felt deserved recognition. These are some lesser known singles and album cuts that really show the breadth and depth of the stellar career of Brandy.

Many refer to Brandy as the “Vocal Bible” and there is no disagreeing that the nickname is accurate. Over the course of the seven albums that Brandy has given us so far, we have a catalog of music that easily puts her among the greats of her generation.

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Also in case you missed it, we recently released our list of the Top 10 Brandy Songs That Should Have Been Singles.

Without further ado, here is our list in chronological order:


I Wanna Be Down (from the “Brandy” album)

Such a jam that you could still put on to get a party moving.
Brandy I Wanna Be Down


Brokenhearted (featuring Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men) (from the “Brandy” album)

An absolutely stunning duet by two of the top vocalists from the 90’s R&B era.
Brandy Brokenhearted


Sittin Up In My Room (from the “Waiting to Exhale” soundtrack)

We’ve always been captivated by the chill and laid back vibe of the song. Another Babyface penned gem.
Brandy Sittin Up In my Room


The Boy is Mine (featuring Monica) (from the “Never Say Never” album)

A monumental duet that became among the biggest hits by both of these legends.
Brandy The Boy is Mine


Angel in Disguise (from the “Never Say Never” album)

The inclusion of Joe’s vocals in the background by producer Darkchild really put this one over the top. Slept on but one of her best songs.
Brandy Angel in Disguise


Put That On Everything (from the “Never Say Never” album)

This song easily could have been a hit single. Remains among our favorite Brandy album cuts.
Brandy Put That On Everything


Full Moon (from the “Full Moon” album)

Quite possibly her best song from the lyrics to the production to the vocals. Mike City helped create a masterpiece.
Brandy Full Moon


When You Touch Me (from the “Full Moon” album)

Brandy created so much good music with Darkchild and this song is among the best.
Brandy Full Moon Album


Who Is She 2 U (from the “Afrodisiac” album)

Linking up with Timbaland gave Brandy a fresh and rejuvenated sound. This song is a great example of that.
Brandy Who Is She 2 U


Right Here (Departed) (from the “Human” album)

An overlooked hit from Brandy that doesn’t get the attention as some of her other singles.
Brandy Right Here (Departed)


Honorable Mention:

-Baby (from the “Brandy” album)

-Always On My Mind (from the “Brandy” album)

-Sunny Day (from the “Brandy” album)

-Sittin On Top of the World (featuring Ma$e) (from the “Never Say Never” album)

-Almost Doesn’t Count (from the “Never Say Never” album)

-Have You Ever (from the “Never Say Never” album)

-What About Us? (from the “Full Moon” album)

-Nothing (from the “Full Moon” album)

-He Is (from the “Full Moon” album)

-Wow (from the “Full Moon” album)

-Afrodisiac (from the “Afrodisiac” album)

-I Tried (from the “Afrodisiac” album)

-Focus (from the “Afrodisiac” album)

-Finally (from the “Afrodisiac” album)

-Open (from the “Osmosis Jones” soundtrack)

-Slower (from the “Two Eleven” album)

-Wildest Dreams (from the “Two Eleven” album)

-No Such Thing as Too Late (from the “Two Eleven” album)

-Music (from the “Two Eleven” album)

-Rather Be (from the “B7” album)

-Borderline (from the “B7” album)