For the latest edition of our Top 10 Best Songs list, we take a look at the discography of Floetry. The group made up of songstress Marsha Ambrosius and Floacist Natalie Stewart gave us two very good albums in addition to a live project.

It was unfortunate for music lovers that the group disbanded following their sophomore effort in 2006. They did make a brief reunion in the mid 2010’s to perform shows but no new music has followed.

Floetry originally migrated for their native London and ended up at the legendary A Touch of Jazz studios directed by DJ Jazzy Jeff in Philly. The duo was quite unique and really unlike any other we had at the time or after it. Marsha provided vocals while Natalie provided rap/poetry. Their styles meshed together so beautifully and you could tell they were primed for the individual success they’d each experience in the years to follow.

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Without further ado, here is our list in chronological order:


Floetic (from the “Floetic” album)

This is where is all started for the duo. Their debut single came with a fresh sound unlike any other at the time.

Floetry Floetic Single Cover


Say Yes (from the “Floetic” album)

This was pretty much the moment we knew Marsha was destined for superstardom on her own. A stunning ballad and one of the best R&B songs of the 2000’s.
Floetry Say Yes


Getting Late (from the “Floetic” album)

This stunning ballad is a great example of how the group’s styles worked so well together.
Floetry Floetic Advance Album


If I Was a Bird (from the “Floetic” album)

Our favorite album cut from the debut album and one we felt could have been a strong choice for a single.
Floetry Floetic Album Cover


Wanna B Where U R (Thisizzaluvsong) (featuring Mos Def) (from the “Barbershop 2” soundtrack)

Rapper Mos Def lent a hand to this funky fresh jam where both members of Floetry truly shine. The hip-hop infused banger showed they were more than just “neo-soul” artists.
Floetry Barbershop 2 Soundtrack


Have Faith (from the “Floacism Live” album)

One of the few studio recorded songs from the group’s live album. This is a really good song that often goes overlooked.
Floetry Floacism Live


And I Hope (from the Larry Gold “Classic Philly Soul” album)

This is another gem that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Give it a listen if you hadn’t heard it yet.
Larry Gold Classic Philly Soul


Supastar (featuring Common) (from the “Flo’Ology” album)

The group tapped common for another hit song and one we’d label as a hip hop ballad.
Floetry SupaStar


Lay Down (from the “Flo’Ology” album)

Another beautiful ballad where Marsha’s vocals truly shine while being backed by Natalie’s ad libs.
Floetry FloOlogy


My Apology (from the “Flo’Ology” album)

Our favorite album cut from Floetry’s final album.
Floetry FloOlogy