In the next edition of our Top 10 Best Songs List feature, we turn out attention to the discography of the legendary Jon B. It’s an undeniable fact that the singer has put together one of the best album catalogs among his peers in his generation.

That point was even more solidified with us once we listened back to all of his albums and remembered not only how many timeless hits he’s given us, but also how many classic album cuts he’s got as well. Jon B. often goes underrated for his talents but in reality he’s a gifted singer/songwriter/producer/musician who’s always had a big hand in the creation of all of his own music.

As you take a look at our selections below, you’ll see our Top 10 includes some of his biggest hits but also some of his best album cuts mixed in. Of course we have a very lengthy honorable mention section included because it was nearly impossible to narrow this down to just 10. In fact, you could have easily swapped out some of the songs in that section for some we included in the top 10.

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Without further ado, here is our list in chronological order:


Someone to Love (featuring Babyface) (from the “Bonafide” album)

Jon linked up with his mentor and label head Babyface for this timeless duet.
Jon B Someone to Love


Pretty Girl (from the “Bonafide” album)

This timeless love ballad helped make Jon B. a breakout star on his debut album.
Jon B Pretty Girl


They Don’t Know (from the “Cool Relax” album)

The seminal hit of Jon B’s career and his most recognizable song. This has gone on to be one of the most memorable R&B songs of the 90’s.
Jon B They Dont Know


Cool Relax (from the “Cool Relax” album)

A smoothed out feel good cut produced by Raphael Saadiq that Jon crooned flawlessly over.
Jon B Cool Relax Album Cover


Let Me Know (from the “Cool Relax” album)

Our favorite album cut from a classic “Cool Relax” album which you could have gone in any direction to find a hit.
Jon B Cool Relax Album Cover


Don’t Talk (from the “Pleasures U Like” album)

This song added a whole nother element to Jon’s discography, giving his fans something they could get down to.
Jon B Don't Talk


Stronger Everyday (featuring Tank) (from the “Stronger Everyday” album)

There’s a certain dynamic these two created on this song that we’ve never been able to get enough of. Would have made a strong single choice.
Jon B Stronger Everyday


Paradise in U (from the “Helpless Romantic” album)

We weren’t surprised when we heard Jon recorded this song during the “Cool Relax” era. It fits that vibe and gave us what we were missing many years later.
Jon B Helpless Romantic Album Cover


Only One (from the “Comfortable Swagg” album)

This song proved to us that Jon could continue evolving along with R&B and keep making timeless hits.
Jon B Only One Single Cover


Understand (featuring Donell Jones) (from Jon B’s upcoming album)

There was so much excitement for this collaboration and it ended up being one of the best songs we’ve heard in a long time.
Jon B Donell Jones Understand


Honorable Mention:

-Mystery 4 Two (from the “Bonafide” album)

-Overflow (from the “Bonafide” album)

-Are U Still Down? (featuring 2Pac) (from the “Cool Relax” album)

-I Do (Watcha Say Boo) (from the “Cool Relax” album)

-I Ain’t Going Out (from the “Cool Relax” album)

-Keep it Real (featuring Coko of SWV & Jay-Z) (from the “Hav Plenty” soundtrack)

-Waiting in Vain (from the “Light it Up” soundtrack)

-Finer Things (featuring Nas) (from the “Pleasures U Like” album)

-Pleasures U Like (from the “Pleasures U Like” album)

-Now That I’m With You (from the “Pleasures U Like” album)

-Tell Me (from the “Pleasures U Like” album)

-What Do You Want (bonus track from the “Pleasures U Like” album)

-All I Can Do (from the “Are U Still Down: Greatest Hits” album)

-Az U (from the “Stronger Everyday” album)

-Multiple (from the “Stronger Everyday” album)

-Hold You Down (from the “Holiday Wishes from Me to You” album)

-Ooh So Sexy (from the “Helpless Romantic” album)

-In Too Deep (from the “Helpless Romantic” album)

-Body Language (from the “B-Sides Collection” album)

-After the Party (from the “B-Sides Collection” album)