Mary J Blige Real Love

With the release of Mary J. Blige’s album “Good Morning Gorgeous”, it’s a good time to look back at her iconic catalog. Putting together a list of the best songs by legendary singer Mary J. Blige is no easy task. The iconic Queen of Hip-Hop Soul has given us so much good music over the past three decades that simply picking her best songs in nearly impossible.

The list you will find below represents an eclectic mix of songs from throughout Blige’s career. It would have been very simple to select all of the songs from her first few classic albums, but that wouldn’t be fair.

What we are reminded of when revisiting the discography of Mary J. Blige is how many times she’s been able to reinvent her sound while still creating great music that is true to her soul. The fact that you will find many of the songs she released from earlier in her career in our Top 10 is not an indication that she hasn’t released great music in recent years, but more so how timeless those earlier songs really were.

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Without further ado, here is our list of The Top 10 Best Mary J. Blige Songs in chronological order. (click any song title to listen to it).

Real Love (from the “What’s the 411?” album)

Mary J Blige Real Love


My Life (from the “My Life” album)

Mary J Blige My Life


Mary Jane (All Night Long) (from the “My Life” album)

Mary J Blige Mary Jane All Night Long


Everything (from the “Share My World” album)

Mary J Blige Everything


Share My World (from the “Share My World” album) (from the “Share My World” album)

Mary J Blige Share My World


All That I Can Say (from the “Mary” album)

Mary J Blige All That I Can Say


Family Affair (from the “No More Drama” album)

Mary J Blige Family Affair


Be Without You (from “The Breakthrough” album)

Mary J Blige Be Without You


Work That (from the “Growing Pains” album)

Mary J Blige Work That


U + Me (Love Lesson) (from the “Strength of a Woman” album)


Honorable Mention:

-You Remind Me (from the “What’s the 411?” album)

-Sweet Thing (from the “What’s the 411?” album)

-Reminisce (Remix featuring C.L. Smooth) (from the “What’s the 411? Remix” album)

-I’m Goin Down (from the “My Life” album)

-I Love You (from the “My Life” album)

-I Can Love You (featuring Lil’ Kim) (from the “Share My World” album)

-Seven Days (from the “Share My World” album)

-Not Gon’ Cry (from the “Waiting to Exhale” soundtrack)

-A Dream (from the “Money Talks” soundtrack)

-Beautiful (from the “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” soundtrack)

-Deep Inside (from the “Mary” album)

-Give Me You (from the “Mary” album)

-No More Drama (from the “No More Drama” album)

-Dance For Me (featuring Common) (from the “No More Drama” album)

-Don’t Go (from the “Love & Life” album)

-Ooh(from the “Love & Life” album)

-No One Will Do (from “The Breakthrough” album)

-Just Fine (from the “Growing Pains” album)

-Stay Down (from the “Growing Pains” album)

-I Am (from the “Stronger With Each Tear” album)

-25/8 (from the “My Life II… The Journey Continues (Act 1)” album)

-Suitcase (from the “Think Like a Man Too” soundtrack)

-Whole Damn Year (from “The London Sessions” album)

-Thick Of It (from the “Strength of a Woman” album)

-Good Morning Gorgeous (from the “Good Morning Gorgeous” album)