Rahsaan Patterson BB Kings 2013


We now take some time to revisit the discography of Rahsaan Patterson to select what we consider to be his best songs. The singer has released six albums over the past two+ decades and has a catalog of music we’d definitely say has gone under appreciated.

Rahsaan’s unique blend of soul music really stands out because he always gives us textures that feel familiar but sound nothing like anything else out there. We can easily say that each of the albums he has released so far has been of quality and creating a list of those songs wasn’t as easy as we expected.

The singer may not have always gotten the recognition he deserves in terms of air play but there is no reason many of these songs couldn’t have been big hits. Like we always try to do, we included an extensive honorable mention section so that we could showcase plenty of additional great songs that fell just outside the top 10.

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Without further ado, here is our list in chronological order:


Spend the Night (from the “Rahsaan Patterson” album)

Quite possibly our favorite Rahsaan Patterson song. Perfectly melodic, soulful and sonically pleasing.
Rahsaan Patterson Rahsaan Patterson


Where You Are (from the “Rahsaan Patterson” album)

Another jam from the singer’s debut album that still remains in rotation.
Rahsaan Patterson Where You Are


Treat You Like a Queen (from the “Love in Stereo” album)

Standout single from Rahsaan’s second album “Love in Stereo”.
Rahsaan Patterson Treat You Like a Queen


The One for Me (from the “After Hours” album)

This funky uptempo jam is another of our favorites.
Rahsaan Patterson After Hours


You Make Life So Good (from the “After Hours” album)

This song wasn’t pick as a single but it’s an energetic jam that easily could have worked as one.
Rahsaan Patterson After Hours


April’s Kiss (from the “After Hours” album)

Our favorite of the singles chosen from the album for its unique production and fun vibe.
Rahsaan Patterson After Hours


Stop Breaking My Heart (from the “Wines & Spirits” album)

Always loved this song for the passion and emotion Rahsaan puts into it.
Rahsaan Patterson Wines & Spirits


I Only Have Eyes for You (from the “Bleuphoria” album)

The singer breathed new life into this cover and really made it his own.
Rahsaan Patterson Bleuphoria


Stay With Me (from the “Bleuphoria” album)

Rahsaan matches the energy of the unique production on this song to give us something special.
Rahsaan Patterson Bleuphoria


Sent from Heaven (from the “Heroes & Gods” album)

A timeless ballad and one of the best love songs we’ve heard in quite some time.
Rahsaan Patterson Sent From Heaven


Honorable Mention:

-Stay Awhile (from the “Rahsaan Patterson” album)

-Come Over (from the “Rahsaan Patterson” album)

-One More Night (from the “Rahsaan Patterson” album)

-Sure Boy (from the “Love in Stereo” album)

-Any Other Love (from the “Love in Stereo” album)

-So Hot (from the “After Hours” album)

-The Best (from the “After Hours” album)

-Don’t Run So Fast (from the “After Hours” album)

-Forever Yours (from the “After Hours” album)

-No Danger (from the “Wines & Spirits” album)

-Crazy (Baby) (from the “Bleuphoria” album)

-Easier Said Than Done (from the “Bleuphoria” album)

-Break It Down (from the “Heroes & Gods” album)