We now turn our attention to the catalog of the legendary Tamia for the next edition of our Artist Top 10 Best Songs List series. The singer is without a doubt one of the greatest stars to come out of the 90’s. As we revisit her discography it serves as a valuable reminder of just how much great music she’s given us.

From our introduction to Tamia in the the mid 90’s to the current day she’s been giving us timeless music. She’s also found ways to masterfully evolve her sound to keep it current while also tapping into her signature vibe.

You can see that we had a hard time settling on just 10 songs and our honorable mention section includes a bunch of more additions. Quite honestly, we could have even added more songs to this list with ease.

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Without further ado, here is our list of the Top 10 Best Tamia Songs in chronological order.

You Put a Move on my Heart (from the Quincy Jones “Q’s Jook Joint” album)

A stunning vocal performance which served as a beautiful introduction to one of R&B’s newest stars.
Tamia You Put a Move on my Heart

So Into You (from the “Tamia” album)

A timeless love song of the mold that Tamia has made a name for herself over the years.
Tamia So Into You

Stranger in my House (from the “A Nu Day” album)

Such a unique song lyrically to describe a situation that many who’ve been through a tough relationship can relate to.
Tamia Stranger in my House

Officially Missing You (from the “More” album)

This one really hits you just right if you know that feeling of missing that special someone.
Tamia Officially Missing You

Still (from the “More” album)

Tamia has been known to give us plenty of wedding songs (especially “Spend My Life With You” with Eric Benet), and this is at the top of that list.
Tamia Still

The Way I Love You (from the “Between Friends” album)

Tamia sang her heart out on this jam which was our favorite album cut from her “Between Friends” album.
Tamia Between Friends Album Cover

Almost (from the “Between Friends” album)

The singer really knows how to create those songs that tug at your heart strings and this is one of the best of them.
Tamia Almost

Beautiful Surprise (from the “Beautiful Surprise” album)

Tamia has always given us creative songs to describe timeless love but in her own way like this one.
Tamia Beautiful Surprise Album Cover

Special (from the “Love Life” album)

A beautiful love song and perfect representation of how Tamia has been able to effortlessly progress her sound.
Tamia Love Life

Leave It Smokin (from the “Passion Like Fire” album)

Tamia and producer Salaam Remi truly crafted something special on this one; the energy is undeniable.
Tamia Leave it Smokin'

Honorable Mention:

-Imagination (featuring Jermaine Dupri) (from the “Tamia” album)

-Falling for You (from the “Tamia” album)

-Show Me Love (from the “Tamia” album)

-Careless Whisper (from the “Tamia” album)

-Can’t Go For That (from the “A Nu Day” album)

-Dear John (from the “A Nu Day” album)

-Un’h To You (from the “A Nu Day” album)

-Smile (from the “More” album)

-Mr. Cool (from the “More” album)

-Can’t Get Enough of You (from the “Between Friends” album)

-Have to Go Through It (featuring Eric Benet) (from the “Between Friends” album)

-Please Protect My Heart (from the “Between Friends” album)

-Give Me You (from the “Beautiful Surprise” album)

-Love Falls Over Me (from the “Love Life” album)

-It’s Yours (from the “Passion Like Fire” album)