We now take a look into the discography of Vivian Green to come up with her best songs. The singer has become one of the most underrated voices in R&B after emerging nearly two decades ago.

Upon revisiting her albums it’s not hard to see why she deserves more recognition than she’s received through the years. Not only has she given us plenty of timeless hits that we still keep in rotation, but she’s got some outstanding album cuts to go along with them.

Vivian Green has released six albums to date since stepping into the spotlight following her role as a background singer for Jill Scott. She linked up with producer Kwame for her past two albums which in turn gave her a fresh and infectious new sound.

This list represents what we feel in our opinion are the best songs that Vivian Green has released so far. We’ve also included a lengthy honorable mention section so as to highlight songs that deserved a mention as well.

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Without further ado, here is our list in chronological order:


Emotional Roller Coaster (from the “A Love Story” album)

Her signature song and biggest hit to date. We’ve always loved the lyrics and composition of the song courtesy of Green and Eric Roberson.

Vivian Green Emotional Rollercoaster


What is Love? (from the “A Love Story” album)

Eric Roberson had a big part in helping to create the debut album from Vivian Green. Perhaps his finest work is this touching and emotional ballad.

Vivian Green A Love Story Album Cover


Wishful Thinking (from the “A Love Story” album)

We’ve always loved the catchy production and infectious melodies on this album cut from Vivian’s debut album.

Vivian Green A Love Story Album Cover


Gotta Go Gotta Leave (Tired) (from the “Vivian” album)

Another one of Vivian’s biggest hits and an uplifting anthem to anyone who has been through this situation.

Vivian Green Gotta Go Gotta Leave


Sweet Memory (Beautifully Young) (from the “Vivian” album)

Such an amazing album cut from Vivian’s sophomore album. We love the nostalgic tone of the song along with the heavenly vocals.

Vivian Green Vivian Album Cover


Beautiful (from the “Beautiful” album)

Vivian made a name for herself early in her career for not being afraid to touch on turmoil in relationships. She has a knack for catchy melodies to go along with the song just like on “Beautiful”.

Vivian Green Beautiful Single Cover


Anything Out There (from “The Green Room” album)

Such a fun mid tempo track that you can vibe to. The melodies are super catchy.
Vivian Green Anything Out There


The One That Got Away (from the “Vivid” album)

We mentioned earlier in the article that Kwame helped give Vivian a fresh sound. Here is a great example of that.
Vivian Green Vivid Album Cover


Get Right Back to My Baby (from the “Vivid” album)

This hit single that Vivian and Kwame created seemed to be exactly what R&B Lovers needed. One of her biggest hits.
Vivian Green Get Right Back to my Baby


I Don’t Know (from the “VGVI” album)

Another super dope and fresh song courtesy of Kwame. Vivian continues to reinvent her sound in a tasteful way.
Vivian Green I Dont Know


Honorable Mention:

-Fanatic (from the “A Love Story” album)

-Affected (from the “A Love Story” album)

-Ain’t Nothing But Love (from the “A Love Story” album)

-I Like It (But I Don’t Need It) (from the “Vivian” album)

-Cursed (from the “Vivian” album)

-Too Intense (from the “Beautiful” album)

-Remedy (from “The Green Room” album)

-Supposed to be Mine (from “The Green Room” album)

-I’m Not Broken (from the “Vivid” album)

-Promise (from the “VGVI” album)

-That’s What Love Can Do (from the “VGVI” album)